Software development

(Note – this page could really use some updating…)

I’ve been doing this for a looooong time – with over 40 years of experience 😉

Some of the things I can help you with include:

  • Custom web sites and web apps – Using state of the art technologies such as PHP, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, AJAX, React and Twitter Bootstrap, I can develop your fully responsive, public-facing web site or web app from the ground up.
  • APIs – Need to create your own API or access (consume) someone else’s? I can tailor a solution to suit your requirements. I have extensive exposure to many available APIs, and have also developed many services for clients.
  • Bespoke business systems – I can develop a wide range of business systems, tailored specifically for your needs.
  • WordPress – arguably the best CMS (Content Management System) and blogging platform available today. I can handle all aspects of your WordPress instance, including templates, plugins, widgets, as well as theme development and customisation.
  • eCommerce – Sell your product/s online.
  • Mobile app development.
  • MythTV / Kodi / Plex – Your complete, in-home media solution.
  • Bespoke real time, bi-directional WebSockets based messaging / signalling platform development.
  • Linux / LAMP stacks, etc – The glue that holds it all together.
  • Much, much more 🙂

I have worked with GNU/Linux (mostly Debian and derivatives, as well as Arch Linux) systems for well over 25 years, including Apache, qmail, Postfix, Courier, Dovecot, IPTables, UFW, routing, traffic conditioning, MySQL / MariaDB, XMPP (Jabber), djbdns, etc.

I’ve built two ITSP (Internet Telephone Service Provider – think VoIP) systems / businesses from the ground up – both based on Asterisk, with full customer / management web interfaces, billing systems and all the bells and whistles associated with business-level phone systems (call queues, IVR, etc). I’ve replaced several old analogue PBXs with totally digital systems.

I’ve dabbled in low latency digital audio for over twenty years (think performing and recording – I’m an ex / sometimes musician) and, for about the last ten years, media systems / networks – mainly MythTV (and now Kodi).

If you’d like to discuss your project and how I can help with it, contact me below.

Also see: working with me.