Why do I care about your grid / virtual world?

There are sure plenty to choose from 🙂 Here’s some reasons to visit ours, or join us:

– Australian servers: we have super pro servers, in data centers in Brisbane and Sydney, Australia. These are proper servers – not home ones or Windoze ones – in proper data centers. They run on proper Intel Xeon CPUs and have decent amounts of memory and fast storage, etc, and don’t suffer from downtime. And they don’t “go to sleep”. Ever.

Our servers are super neat for our virtual world if you’re in Australia or even nearby, but they’re also proven to be nice if you’re in the US or Europe. We run enough duplicate and redundant grid services to make sure your experience is fast and reliable. We don’t do CDNs (content distribution networks) because they’re not worth the effort or expense – once your viewer software has seen an asset, it has it cached already. Our servers just get the assets to you as fast as they can the first time. And they’re fast.

– We care. We don’t just “run a grid”. We use it. We “eat our own dog food”. If anything is wrong, we know it straight away. And we have a *great* deal of experience. Nothing gets by us.

_ We don’t faff about with other folk’s stuff. Forget Facebook and Discord. You can’t rely on them, and if you can you can kiss goodbye to your real privacy. We do everything ourselves – and we have the skill and experience to do so.

– Everything we do is up to date. No aging servers. Our Open Simulator core software is all current .dotnet stuff. Our backend services are all custom and current (mostly Python) stuffs, and we know what we’re doing. We’ve been at this for a *very* long time 🙂