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CandM World – our little piece of the metaverse.

What’s a metaverse? In this context, Wikipedia says “In colloquial usage, a ‘metaverse’ is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social and economic connection”…

We’re part of the OpenSimulator metaverse. OpenSimulator (aka OpenSim or OS) is basically a network of individually run “grids”, which themselves contain a collection of “regions”. You could consider a region to be an island – which is quite reasonable, considering each is a mass of land surrounded by a body of water.

Have questions? We have some answers 🙂

Visit our world via the hypergrid at grid.candmworld.com:8002 (or click here).

Grid status

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Introductory land sale!!

For a limited time only, you can have your own region at CandM World for just $USD 7.50 a month!!

Regions come with 20,000 prims, and can be any size you like!!

You should definitely read this first.

How do we compare?

Many grids run on VPS machines, so they’re sharing resources with other servers – or even worse, they run on consumer-grade systems running from their homes (with slow, unreliable Internet links). Our grid runs exclusively on dedicated hardware in enterprise-grade data centres. Plenty of fast Intel Xeon processor cores, lots of memory, super-fast NVME storage and rendundant, fast Internet links.

Some grids (like Kitely) shut down your simulator / regions until they have incoming users or visitors – then the visitor must wait until the simulator starts again. We run your regions 24/7, so they are ready and waiting any time someone wants to visit.