Things you need to know about getting an island with us

The first thing you need to know is that sometimes we’re not very good at making short page titles.

The second thing you need to know is that this that this document is very fluid. Right now, we’ve *just* released our land for “sale”.

Now. Down to business…


Our payment stuff happens through Stripe. We don’t know, or keep, your card or payment details. And you are completely safe – Stripe is very trusted. But we can and generally do charge you for recurring monthly fees. You specifically agree to this when you first pay (it’s written right above the Pay button).

If a recurring monthly payment fails, the system will retry for a few days before suspending your island. If you’re having difficulties, you should get in touch with us.

The law

We have some rules. They basically bore down to “don’t be a dick”. Do realise that we have final say, and can just remove you any time. Don’t do anything illegal or immoral. Don’t do adult stuffs – or nudity – in public areas that aren’t specifically designated for that kinda thing. Don’t cause grief to others on our grid or to the servers. If you do, we will talk to you once and if we can’t resolve it we will simply remove you. You’re only renting space on our servers / platform.

Ordering your island

If you might ever wish to move your island to our main group of islands, choose a 2×2 (512m). Due to OpenSimulator technical reasons, we can not add a region of any other size to that area. We call this area TCI – The CandM Islands. It has oceans one can cross by boat, plane, etc. You can just get your own oceans surrounding your island, but you’ll either need to terraform a large island, or rent eight other islands to surround your land (and each of those need to be the same exact size as your island).

If you don’t know which physics engine engine to choose, just leave it as ubODE. It can always be changed later.

Upon successful payment, your region will be created immediately.

Other stuffs

Presently, our island dashboard is not complete (as of this writing – far from it). You need to know this and realise that this is one of the reasons we’re offering a great package for now. We’re working hard on it, but with that said we’ve developed a great grid management system which takes care of most things anyways – and is always being improved.

With that said, if you need anything just reach out to us and we’ll look after you 🙂